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A Better Life, Altogether

Sygen Healthy Living

Introducing Sygen

Sygen Pharmaceutical Ltd (Sygen Pharma) is an innovative branded generics life sciences organisation that was established in March 2019. Sygen Pharma subsequently acquired the assets of Nigerian German Chemicals Plc (NGC); a company that had operated in Nigeria for almost 60 years and has a range of legacy brands with strong residual equity in its product portfolio.

What drives us:


Our Mission

To develop and create access to high-quality medicines that yield successful outcomes and improve the quality of life of patients in our community.


Our Culture

We are building an organisational culture based on our strong values and ethics. We bring these to life through a robust set of beliefs, norms and behaviours that our employees consistently live and demonstrate, in our internal and external relationships. This drives the performance of Sygen Pharmaceuticals and the value that we bring to our various stakeholders.


Our people

Our people are our most valuable assets. We have a diverse team of highly experienced internationally recognised medical practitioners (Doctors, Pharmacists, Scientists etc.), corporate professionals and entrepreneurs as our shareholders. Some of whom serve on our corporate board as well as on our medical and scientific advisory board. They collectively bring their wealth of medical, financial, operational and governance experience to bear, ensuring that Sygen Pharma delivers on its purpose and vision.

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Our Approach To Innovation

We have since established ourselves as a reputable organization within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and have gained the trust and respect of our key stakeholders – patients, medical professionals, regulators, customers and our shareholders. In addition to the portfolio of branded products acquired from NGC, we continue to aggressively expand our product portfolio across various therapeutic areas. We are driven by our quest to make a difference in the lives of our patients and in our community. To this end, we strive for continuous improvement and drive our innovation geared towards expanding access to good-quality medicines in the communities we operate in.

To enrich and better the quality of life for the communities that we operate within

Sygen Pharma
Our Purpose
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We Are Responsible

We operate to the highest level of ethical standards by maintaining a Quality Management System that aligns with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 International standards. Sygen Pharmaceuticals Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS). Quality is built into our processes across the supply chain to ensure that the Quality Management System (QMS) is practised. We subscribe to a high level of accountability and we benchmark our materials and products specification with the Nigeria statutory, Legal & Regulatory Guidelines/Regulations, United State Pharmacopeia (USP) and British Pharmacopiea (BP) standards.

Our Brand Values:

At the core of Sygen, are our values - the things that we believe in, live and stand for.


Relentless in innovation

Innovation is key to our mission of improving lives and the health outcomes for the patients in our community. We are relentless in our pursuit of new scientific development and the required investment that will consistently allow us to deliver on our promise to our community


Ethics & responsibility

The respect of the highest ethical standards is the basis of all our actions and our decisions are oriented by a long term perspective. We are committed to ensuring a sustainable economic development of the company, to safeguarding the environment and the communities in which we operate.


Amazing relationships

We consistently seek to build trusting and amazing relationships in all that we do. In our daily work interactions with our colleagues, distribution partners and our various stakeholders, we consistently strive to build lasting relationships based on trust, respect and integrity


Focus on execution

We believe in the relentless pursuit of excellence in execution, working with urgency and passion to achieve outstanding results. We are disciplined with an unwavering commitment towards translating our goals to everyday tangible actions in order to produce high quality results.