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Sygen Promotes Community Well-being, Drives Pharmaceutical Innovation

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Sygen Pharma is at the forefront of driving innovation in the pharmaceutical industry with the aim of promoting overall communal well-being for all Nigerians.

Led by a management team with extensive multinational and international work experience, SygenPharma is on a mission to develop and create access to high-quality medicines that yield successful outcomes and improve patients’ quality
of life in the communities it operates.

The innovative pharmaceutical company subsequently acquired the assets of Nigerian German Chemicals (NGC) Plc to expand its pharmaceutical product portfolio. Its product portfolio currently includes drugs in the following
categories, antidiabetics, antipyretics, multivitamin, analgesic, antirheumatic, antifungal, and antispasmodic, among others.

“Sygen Pharmaceutical was established to grant access to high-quality medicines that yield successful outcomes and improve the quality of life of patients in our community; through our innovative approach to enhancing healthcare
outcomes,” Charles Ogunwuyi, chief executive officer, Sygen said in a statement.

“At Sygen, we look beyond the functionality of providing medicines and seek to drive the total well-being of communities in a way that is vital to society. There is a need in the pharmaceutical industry to shift the focus from
humans as patients to people living in thriving communities.”

Ogunwuyi added that Sygen Pharmaceutical puts this in practice with the goal of promoting communal well-being and thriving communities.

Sygen Pharmaceutical is building a reputation with its product quality and supply continuity. The company continues to build a wide-ranging portfolio of products across brands and plans to rapidly expand its product line.

With its formal brand launch, Sygen Pharmaceutical will redirect the focus on medicine as a function of ill health to providing a better life for communities altogether.